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Integrity: Your Trusted Partner for Cloud Computing Solutions

Integrity by CELT is your thought leader and partner in educational technology. We'll help you Leverage the Cloud!

As your trusted partner in Cloud Computing, Integrity bridges the gap between you and the Information Technology Super Cloud, providing the reliable, secure, and managed broadband internet for your organization. In addition, Integrity provides cost-effective, integrated, relevant, and timely Information Utility solutions, delivered anytime and anywhere. We take your complex Information Technology challenges and provide you with simple and effective managed solutions.

Cloud Computing is not new and it seems everyone has their own definition of what this means. A "cloud” was created with the very first network. Today, with the advent of high-speed broadband Internet, the enterprise data center, and virtualization technology, the LAN, WAN, and Internet clouds are joining together creating the Cloud Computing term. At Integrity, we believe this convergence has created the Information Technology Super Cloud and has finally brought to reality the Information as a Utility (IaaU) concept. We believe your future will Leverage the Cloud to solve your business IT needs and you will rely on your IaaU service to get IT done.

The opportunity to Leverage the Cloud is here today; reduce your costs, complexity, and local infrastructure and increase your Information Technology reliability, performance, and ultimately user satisfaction. Best of all, while all of this transformation is taking place, your headaches will go with it.

We take your complex challenges and provide you with simple solutions...

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